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  1、Driving a car is not as difficult as you imagine,if you ________ the rules.

  A. depend on B. turn to C. put up D. stick to

  depend on 依靠、依赖

  turn to 转向某人,turn to sb.向某人求助

  put up with 容忍、忍受

  stick to 遵守

  答案 D

  2、In my opinion,the changing job market will ______ people many difficulties.

  A. find B. bring C. take D. get

  find 找到

  bring 带来

  take 拿走

  get 得到

  答案 B

  3、Since the two restaurants ________ almost the same food and service,it doesn‘t matter where you stop to eat.

  A. offer B. cook C. prepare D. afford

  offer 提供

  cook 烹饪

  prepare 准备

  afford 付钱

  答案 A

  4、When he applied for a _______ in the office of the local newspaper,he was told to see the manager.

  A. profession B. position C. career D. location

  profession 职业

  position 职位

  career 职业

  location 方位

  She chose an academic career. 答案 B

  5、Margaret was so ________ for news of her lost child that she was almost driven mad.

  A. careful B. responsible C. thirsty D. hostile

  careful 仔细的

  responsible 负责的

  thirsty 极度渴望的

  hostile 敌意的

  答案 C

  6、It is not polite to ________ when someone is making a speech at a meeting like this.

  A. turn up B. cut in C. speak out D. stand by

  turn up 来到,露面

  cut in 打断

  speak out 大声说

  stand by 站到……旁边

  答案 B

  7、The boss _______ angry when I spoke to him on the phone.

  A. sounded B. looked C. grew D. talked

  sounded 听起来 looked 看起来 grew 变得 talked 谈话 答案 A

  8、All of her living cost ________2,000 yuan each month.

  A. gets to B. equals to C. arrives at D. comes at

  get to 到达某地


  equal:adj. be equal to sth./doing sth. 对某事有力量,勇气,能力等, 能胜任

  eg. She feels equal to the task. 她认为能胜任该项工作。

  He's equal to the occasion. 他能应付这一局面。

  He doesn't seems equal to meeting out demance.

  equal:v. equal sb./ sth.(in sth.)与某人(某事物)相同或相等。

  eg. He is equaled by no one in kindness. 没有人比他更善良。

  arrived at+ 地点状语 到达某处

  comes at 达到


  9、Her face is _________ to me,but I can‘t remember where I saw her.

  A. similar B. friendly C. alike D. familiar

  similar 相似的 friendly 友好的 alike 相像的

  familiar 熟悉的 答案 D

  10、Jump in the car. There‘s enough ________ for you.

  A. place B. seat C. room D. space

  place 地方 seat 座位 room 空间 space 宇宙空间 place 指具体地点 答案 C

       11、It wasn‘t an accident. He did it on ________.

  A. reason B. determination C. purpose D. intention

  reason 原因 determination 决心 on purpose 故意 intention 目的 答案 C

  12、You‘ll have to pay for the holiday in _______,I’m afraid.

  A. front B. advance C. ahead D. forward

  front 具体位置空间的前方 in advance 提前 ahead 在……之前,不和in 连用

  forward 向前 答案 B

  13、The bookstore hasn't ordered ________ textbooks for all the students in the course.

  A. enough B. plenty C. as much as D. a great deal of

  enough 修饰名词,在名词之前

  plenty+of as much as 不能修饰名词

  a great deal of 修饰不可数名词。答案 A

  14、As I didn‘t have any experience,I was ________ problems.

  A. likely to have B. probably having

  C. probable to have D. likely having

  be likely to do 很可能有……

  probably 不接doing接to do

  it‘s brobable for sb. that

  答案 A

  15、David may ________ ,but we must go at once.

  A. stay late B. stay lately C. stay a little D. have stayed very late

  stay late

  stay lately lately 近来 答案 A

  16、I don‘t think that your watch is _______.

  A. worth of the price B. worth the price

  C. worthy of the price D. worthy to buy

  worthy:adj. a. be worthy of sth.

  eg. Her achievements are worthy of the highest praise. 她的成就值得给予最高奖赏。

  b. be worthy to do sth.

  eg. She said she was not worthy to accept the honour they had offered her.

  worth:adj. a. be worth + n.

  eg. Our house is worth about $ 60,000.

  b. be worth doing

  eg. The book is worth reading. =It‘s worth reading the book.

  n. 值某金额的量 The thieves stole $ 1 million worth of jewellery.

  D选项正确答案:worthy to be bought 答案 B

  17、_________,it's very tidy.

  A. As her room is small B. Small as her room is

  C. As small her room is D. Small as her room

  as引导让步状语从句,句子需要倒状。Young as he is,Jack is already familiar with most of the books。答案 B

  18、As _______ as possible he opened the door and went out into the cold December night.

  A. quiet B. quietly C. quite D. quietly

  quiet adj.安静的 答案 B

  quite adv.十分,很;quite big

  19、I felt thoroughly ________ in the crowded Manhattan.

  A. wondered B. lost C. missed D. separated

  wondered 怀疑 lost 迷路 missed 丢失 separated 分开 答案 B

  20、The city has decided to _______ all the old buildings.

  A. break away from B. get rid of C. come up with D. knock down

  break away from 1、挣脱 The prisoner broke away from his guards. 2、脱离某政党、政府等 A province has broken away to form a new state.

  get rid of:摆脱 The shop ordered 20 copies of the book and now it can't get rid of them.

  come up with sth.:找到或提出(答案、办法等)She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.

  knock down:拆除 These old houses are going to be knocked down. 答案 D

      21、When the school master is away,Mr. Johnson will be ______ the whole school.

  A. in charge of B. in favor of C. in honor of D. in regard to

  in charge of:处于控制或支配的地位,负责

  Who‘s in charge here?这儿谁负责?

  He was left in charge of the shop while the manager was away.

  in favor of sb./sth.:支持某人/某事

  Was he in favor of the death penalty?

  in honor of :出于对某人的敬意

  a ceremony in honor of those killed in battle 为纪念阵亡将士举行的仪式

  in/with regard to sb./sth. 关于某人/某事 I have nothing to say with/ in regard to your complaints. 答案 A

  22、In his speech he _______ his experience as a teaching assistant.

  A. returned to B. referred to C. stuck to D. turned to

  return sth.(to sb./sth.):归还,放回

  She returned the bird to its cages. 她把鸟放回笼子里。

  Please return me my 5 yuan/ return my five yuan to me.

  Refer to sb./sth.:提到,说到或涉及到某人(某事物)

  When I said some people are stupid,I wasn‘t referring to you.

  Don't refer to this matter again,please. 请不要再提这件事。

  stick to sth.:坚持或维持某事物

  “Would you like some wine?”

  “No, I'll stick to beer, thanks.” 不,我还是喝啤酒吧。

  turn to sb.(sth.):向某人(某事物)寻求帮助

  She has nobody she can turn to. 她求助无门。

  The more depressed he got,the more he turned to drink. 答案 B

  23、He tried his best in the first game,but was ________ by the little boy.

  A. won B. hit C. beaten D. held


  B:hit 打

  C:beat 打,

  D: hold-held-held 举行 答案 C

  24、I wanted to go home but my wife _______ on going to the concert.

  A. persisted B. resisted C. insisted D. intended

  persisted:persist: persist in doing sth. 坚持做某事

  He will persist in riding that dreadful bicycle. resist+n 抵抗

  intend: intend to do sth. 想要做…… 答案 C

  25、The government gave several good ______ for increasing the tax on cigarettes.

  A. purposes B. reasons C. questions D. problems

  purpose 目的 reason 原因 question 问题 problem 问题 答案 B

  26、Four people were seriously _______ in the accident.

  A. injured B. damaged C. spoiled D. broken injure 受伤


  He damaged my car with a stone.

  ruin:常强调完全毁掉。The storm has ruined the garden.


  He spoiled his painting by putting too much red paint on it.


  He has spoiled his constitution with bad living. 答案 A

  27、He spoke so quickly that I didn't ________ what he said.

  A. listen B. catch C. miss D. receive

  listen 听;listen to catch 抓住,听到;miss 丢失;receive 收到

  28、He was poor but proud, and _______ every offer of help.

  A. turned down B. turned on C. turned off D. turned out

  turn down 拒绝;turn on 打开;turn on the light 开灯

  turn off 关上;turn off the light turn out 证明为…… 答案 A

  29、In Britain,the best season of the year is probably _______ spring.

  A. later B. latter C. last D. late

  later 以后;latter 后者;last 最后;late 晚的 答案 D

  30、How ________ is it from here to the city center?

  A. long B. far C. distant D. near

  how long 一段延续的时间

  ——How long have you studied English?

  ——I have studied English for 3 years (since 3 years ago)。答案 B

  31、I wanted to go there by plane but I hadn't enough money to pay for the _____.

  A. journey B. distance C. road D. way

  journey 旅行;distance 距离;road 道路;way 方式方法 答案A

  32、Her parents wouldn't _______ her to stay out later than 10:30 at night.

  A. require B. ask C. encourage D. permit

  stay out 不回家;require 要求;ask 要求;encourage 鼓励;permit 允许 答案 D

  33、Last Sunday, ________ my great surprise,I met Bullen in town.

  A. for B. to C. as D. at

  (to one‘s surprise 使某人感到惊奇) 答案 B

  34、Most Chinese like to drink tea. But some prefer coffee ________ tea.

  A. to B. with C. for D. against

  prefer……to…… 答案 A

  35、I'm in no ________ this evening to listen to his silly jokes.

  A. feeling B. attitude C. opinion D. mood

  feeling 感情;attitude 态度;opinion 观点;mood 情绪 答案 D

  36、Tennis is a _________ invented by an Englishman a hundred years ago.

  A. play B. match C. game D. event

  play:n. 比赛,竞赛 The tennis players need total concentration during play.

  match 比赛;game 运动;event 事件 答案 C

  37、That's the biggest ______ he has ever told in his life.

  A. talk B. speech C. lesson D. lie

  talk:give/have a talk 谈话

  speech:make/deliver a speech 做演讲

  lesson:teach a lesson:教训

  learn one's lesson:汲取教训

  lie:tell a lie

  答案 D

  38、_______ that the jewels had been stolen by one of the guards.

  A. It turned up B. It turned out C. It turned on D. It turned over

  turn up:露面,来到 We arranged to meet at the cinema at 7: 30, but he failed to turn up.

  turn out:turn out to be sb./sth.;turn out that…证明是某人(某物),原来是┄┄

  She turned out to be a friend of my sister./ It turned out that she was a friend of my sister.

  turn on 开灯


  She turned over and went to sleep.她转过身就睡着了。

  答案 B

  39、“I'm tired,but let's go.”

  “Why _______ rest a while?”

  A. let's B. not let's C. not D. let's not 答案 C

  40、“We won't be finished until tonight.”

  “And they _______.”

  A. will,either B. won't,too C. will,neither D. won't,either

  答案 D


  “A cup of tea,please.”

  A. Do you like tea B. Do you like a cup of tea C. Would you like a cup of tea D. What would you like to drink 答案 D

  42、“Do you mind if I open the window?”

  “________.” A. Sure,certainly not B. All right C. I don't know D. Not at all

  答案 D



  1、The news is _______ good to be true.

  A. so…that B. much C. too D. very(答案 C)

  2、Don't hesitate to _______ me if you are in trouble.

  A. turn out B. turn in C. turn to D. turn up

  turn out:a. 证明为 How did the party turn out?It turned out very well,thanks.

  b. turn sb. out:赶走某人 My landlord is turning me out at the end of the month.

  turn in :a. 面朝内 b. go to bed. It's late. I think I'll turn in.

  c. turn sb. in 将某人交给警方拘押。She threatened to turn him in.

  turn to:turn to sb. 向某人寻求帮助 The child turned to his mother for comfort.

  turn up:露面 We arranaged to meet at the cinema at 7,but she failed to turn up.


  There must be some mistakes in this bill;please add up the figures again.(add up 加起来)

  Whose fault is it that we‘re late?我们迟到是谁的错?(责任在谁)


  1、He likes _______ questions in English classes.

  A. to rise B. rising C. to raise D. to arise

  rise 不及物动词;arise 不及物动词 呈现出现 A new difficulty has arisen. 出现了新困难。答案 C

  2、I _________ have coffee than tea.

  A. like more B. prefer C. had better D. would rather

  prefer:prefer sth. to sth. 更喜欢某事物。 I prefer walking to cycling.

  答案 D

  3、Mary and Jane are twin sisters. They look exactly_________.

  A. like B. same C. alike D. same ones

  A的正确答案应该在后面加名词。答案 C

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